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Green A&E Is Now an Active AMAGRO Member

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], 15 November 2016 -  Green A&E Ltd and its Bigwa Farm are now an active AMAGRO Member. The Association of Mango Growers (AMAGRO) in Tanzania is the trade organization representing the mango growers in the coastal region. AMAGRO is primarily...

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Green A&E Is Now Member of TAHA

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], 27 October 2016 - Green A&E is now member of the Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA).TAHA is a private sector members based organisation that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the horticultural industry in Tanzania. TAHA's...

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Green A&E Teams-up With Forsway Scandinavia AB

Skövde [Sweden], 15 September 2016 -  Green A&E International BV has teamed-up with Forsway from Sweden for the purpose of jointly developing an efficient market access and roll-out strategy to enable instant delivery of reliable, costefficient broadband access...

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Green A&E and 4Power Sign a Long-term Cooperation Agreement

Dubai [UAE], 15 January 2015 -  Green A&E International BV and 4Power FZE have signed a collaboration agreement in the field of global Customer Experience Management, Mobile Payment Infrastructure and Monitoring & Security Systems. Digital transformation is redefining...

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Green A&E Supports Craft Brewing in Dar es Salaam

April 29, 2014 Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], 29 April 2014 - Green A&E International is proud to present the Himalaya Breweries Initiative. The initiative includes the introduction of the first craft beer brewery to Dar es Salaam. A new craft brewery that professionally...

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Green A&E and NWNS Sign a Long-term Cooperation Agreement

Fujairah [UAE], 05 January 2014 -  Green A&E International BV and Next World Network Services FZC [NWNS] have signed a collaboration agreement in the field of global VSAT implementation. Both companies will be making significant contributions and have sourced a team...

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