April 29, 2014

Dar es Salaam [Tanzania], 29 April 2014 –

Green A&E International is proud to present the Himalaya Breweries Initiative. The initiative includes the introduction of the first craft beer brewery to Dar es Salaam. A new craft brewery that professionally produces a limited amount of high quality organic beer. This new brewery will be located in the growing industrial area south of Dar es Salaam.

The brewery is to be designed and built in an eco friendly way with zero waste policy and with TanCert Certification. This means that all beer ingredients are organic, the energy used comes as much as possible from renewable sources, water is retrieved in a responsible way and all waste the brewery produces is recycled in favor of the brewery or the community. Although the brewing process is traditional, the brewery itself is high tech and its produced beers are “experimental”

None of the Himalaya beers are comparable to any of the mainstream beers currently available in the Tanzanian market: Himalaya Beers are different and characterized by its emphasis on flavor and not immediately promoting a fast modern lifestyle.

Initial plans are to produce two main lines of products primarily focusing on traditional British Ale and German style Hefe Weizen. Both styles come in different flavors depending on market demand, season and availability of ingredients. Each line will have a low alcohol variant.

The products will be sold in different sized containers and casks and extensively distributed to corporate class, expats, hotels and resorts, yet extremely viable areas where the market is appreciative of readily available, good quality brew. For the moment there are no plans to supply the common distribution channels.

Himalaya Breweries is an ambitious project but has not the intention to grow bigger than e.g. the large-scale corporate breweries that produce Serengeti, Tusker or Kilimanjaro beer. To Himalaya Breweries the large-scale brewers are not even considered competition. To prosper however there is need for Himalaya Breweries to be flexible and responsive, to delight customers by providing them with what they want, when they want it and before any new competition can deliver. The future must include high quality non-alcoholic beers.

The Himalaya Brewery will be designed, build, maintained and headed by a professional and certified Brew Master understanding the exact requirements for a quality beer.