In its essence, Green A&E is an investor and land developer but profiling itself as a facilitator and solutions supplier.

The Green A&E core business is land rehabilitation in Tanzania. The company buys plots of wretched land and converts such land into (fruit) producing, self-supporting hi-tech farms. Each such plot of land is an independent tax registered company but under Green A&E final management.

Next to the development of wretched wasteland, Green A&E is in business to protect or reestablish biodiversity through providing interrelated services which are directly marketable, fulfil fast growing local demands and provide instant solutions for common day-to-day problems related to food security, energy supply, fresh water and waste treatment.


Modern land development is conditional and can be successful only after a number of hard fundamental requirements have been fulfilled.

Regardless of location, the following basic infrastructure criteria are indispensable at any time:

  1. Personal health & safety and overall security & protection;
  2. Availability of sufficient reliable electrical power;
  3. Efficient processing of (organic) waste;
  4. Permanent access to sufficient water sources and proper sanitation;
  5. Broadband connectivity (to allow remote monitoring and control);

And for farmland development:

  1. Permanent and reliable soil and water analyses;

Green A&E businesses depend on continuity. Because doing business in Africa (but not only Africa) is challenging, all solutions have been developed in-house and for the purpose of solving “our own” problems first.

This explains why “our solutions” are long lasting, reliable and designed for very harsh remote conditions.

Since Green A&E is a socially engaged company, we believe that others should also be able to benefit from our hard work. Therefore Green A&E has started offering a coherent balance of services & solutions which are now commercially available to anyone in Tanzania and the rest of the world.


Reliable, technically sound, good customer service. Bringing communities together.


All Green A&E company activities must be compliant with local and international law and have to be focused on serving a restorative and socially useful role in addressing the interconnected downward spiral of poverty and biodiversity that exists across much of Tanzania.

  • All Green A&E activities must have focus on innovation, sustainability and scalability and must be easy to replicate to other parts of the country or other countries;
  • The Company will not compete against local small businesses;
  • Green A&E solutions have to be inexpensive enough to afford and have to be produced out of readily available parts if practical and possible;
  • Green A&E buys  – as much as possible – materials, products and services from the local community if affordable;
  • Green A&E provides a total solution from start to finish;


  • Minimal carbon footprint – The use of diesel, petrol, charcoal are reduced to an absolute minimum;
  • No energy production out of what can be used for food (incl. life stock fodder);
  • Zero waste production because of 100% recycling;
  • No air, soil and water pollution.


Green Agriculture & Environment is a business built on visions and believes shared by its very experienced team. The Green A&E team consist of engineering and business professionals with solid track records in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.


The Executive Team has day-to-day management responsibility for Green A&E and is committed to vigilant corporate governance and to supporting the Company’s further expansion. Currently the board comprises two members: Mr. Sanjeev Jatania (MD and Financial & Legal Offices) and Mr. Onno Beemsterboer (Director Business Development).


Green A&E ltd. is incorporated under Tanzanian law with head offices in the old town of Dar es Salaam and an operational unit at Bigwa Farm near Mkuranga. In Tanzania the Company is TIC registered and therefore officially recognised as foreign investor.

In addition, the Company has support offices in Dubai (UAE) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands).


A multicultural, multilingual environment assembling 6 nationalities and growing.




Green A&E is privately funded based on the philosophy that a self-sufficient small and medium-sized business sector is beneficial to global development.


Green A&E is a Socially Engaged For-profit Organization.

Where the Green A&E hi-tech farms obtain their return on investment from ownership transfer or incidentally from sustainable diverse agriculture related products and eco-tourism, the Company envisions generating additional recurring revenue streams out of selling, implementing and maintaining energy supply -, water management – and waste processing technologies.

Profits in addition to funding (if required), are (re)invested in newly purchased plots of wretched wasteland and therefore accelerating the development of profitable poly culture, multipurpose hi-tech farm businesses.

The bigger plan includes dramatic land value appreciation of 6 farms over a 10-15 year time period and Dar es Salaam stock exchange listing.


The Company is “for profit” and based on “Vision, Mission & Values” which reflect a commitment to develop solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Green A&E supports sustainability in all its aspects, which includes social, economic, and environmental dimensions. Furthermore poverty eradication and the reestablishment of damaged biodiversity is another fundamental Green A&E business principle.

Not just hollow phrases but something the organization truly believes in and simply wants.



Green A&E is driven by the Believe & Vision that deforesting, dehydration, pollution and other common big problems (and not only in Africa) can be combated by taking away the reasons for such problems. Hence through lowering unemployment, increasing knowledge & awareness, introducing simple smart affordable technologies and through offering better, cheaper and more sustainable alternatives for the traditional solutions



  • Being internationally recognized as a solid reliable sustainable concept to improve welfare while conserving the environment, maintaining the eco system, increasing biodiversity and making a profit;
  • Being a recognized center of excellence for all Green A&E activities;


  • Excellence, best practice and outstanding service.
  • Benevolence without concession and equal opportunity employment;
  • Respect, reliability, integrity & honesty;
  • Individual responsibility and creativity with strive for constant betterment;


  • Being a Tanzania-wide chain of professionally run hi-tech farm businesses that combine responsible agriculture, waste recycling and smart water & energy production in a way that all its activities contribute to the long-term food, water and energy security of local communities;
  • Having at least 6 farms operational by 2020, totalling 2000+ acres of what once was wretched land.
  • Transforming Bigwa Farm into a landscaped, permanently flowering, botanical fruit & spices park which hosts all fruits, spices and herbs that possibly can grow locally in Tanzania.
  • We want to be among the 3 best nationwide support organisations for total off-grid power solutions in Tanzania by 2020.
  • We want 20% market share in our initial segment by 2020.



Having at least one farm as holistic health resort being among the top 10 best boutique spa resorts (20 rooms) in the world before 2025.


As the global population in Africa and in the world steadily increases, substantial agricultural intensification will need to occur – which is intrinsically tied to an increase in water and energy demand.

Green A&E believes that the world and the African continent in particular is on the cusp of an agricultural and energy revolution. We shall see another paradigm shift of “Internet-sized proportions” fuelled by the rapid development in renewable energy and associated energy, agricultural, water and waste management solutions. These advances shall open new opportunities while profoundly shaking the foundation of well entrenched business models and incumbent supply and demand structures.

No more so shall this revolution happen than in Africa, where the advent of mobile telecommunications showed us the road from “0G to 4G” in a few decades. Similarly, we shall now experience another quantum leap, where conventional or non-existing grid supply of electricity, water and sanitation shall be transformed by a set of nimble, highly adaptive solutions that not only are environmentally sustainable but also the best and most cost effective in a vast number of applications.



Our strategy seeks to obtain a position as a leader in innovative land rehabilitation while helping to meet growing energy demand in a responsible way.

We don’t want to be innovative – we apply innovation and facilitate other people to be innovative.



Green A&E is building a series of brands for our various business areas. Each has its own identity but all share Green A&E’s fundamental values of quality of service, reliability and innovation.

We may not be the cheapest but our preoccupation with detail means that our solutions last longer and require less maintenance. It also means that our solution depreciates less than any available alternative.

Yes, I want to develop my business in the most efficient way